Things I love about going into the office

I am lucky enough to have the flexibility in my role to work from home as well as come into the office.  There are some great benefits of working from home such as saving time by not having to get ready and do the commute, a day of no scheduled meetings which ion turn allow me to actually have a day of DOING.  But there’s  some things I really love about working!


Dressing up for work each day

Before having kids you would never find me in flat shoes, I would always have my hair and makeup done, fake tan applied and I’d feel fantastic for it.  Once I had Bella that did change, although I did still make the effort to do my hair and makeup each morning.  I found functionality and comfort in good flat shoes and started wearing good ol’ granny undies (or as Chris affectionately calls them ‘bog catchers’).

When I went back to work after having Bella I enjoyed dressing for it each day and loved being in the city and clothes shopping again.  Fast forward 3 years after having Olivia and my daily look changed.  Gone were jeans, a nice top/jumper and flats; active wear has been my ‘go to’ combo without the makeup and hair done usually.  To be fair, One of my personal goals whilst on leave was to look after me as well as the kids, and use the time off to get myself into a good health and fitness routine.  So active wear has served a purpose other than comfort. Runners have replaced heels and a sweat absorbed ‘mum bun’ has replaced the straight style or waves you’d usually see me sporting.

It’s a bittersweet thing to be going back to work but I’m really looking forward to getting some style back and doing myself up each morning, because I genuinely love doing it.  It makes me feel great.  And now that I’m feeling better about how I’m looking thanks to my diet and exercise plan, I’m really looking forward to the clothes I can wear again… and the new ones I can buy!


Me time

Some would argue that working isn’t necessarily ME time but I tend to disagree (sometimes!).  The commute into work I love… I work in the city and catch the train in.  That hour each morning and afternoon I use as a time to unwind.  I switch off and listen to music or cyberstalk random people of FB and Insta.  In the morning I get  a coffee (alone!) made by my fave barista from a trendy cafe.  Yes, once I had kids these daily rituals I now consider as me time!

I love heading out to grab some sushi or salad with colleagues a couple of times a week and sometimes am lucky enough to get spoilt with a nice work lunch at some of the yummiest restaurants Melbourne has to offer.  Who says working doesn’t have perks??


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